圖片規格:21.7 x 28 公分(約A4尺寸)

圖片實品均由美國原裝進口,印製品質極佳,請放心購買!( 出貨時均附中文簡介與使用說明。)



What you are attempting to do here with this image is to first look at it with your physical eyes for a few moments ; then close your eyes and try to see the image as clearly as if your eyes were open.
This may take few tries, but you will get it. As simple a task as this may seem, what this actually doing is projecting the imagery into your mind's eye and prompting the awakening of your"Third Eye"vision.
You can actually do this with anything, such as an inanimate object or a person's face. However,this image is also an accelerator, which will expand your multi-dimensional vision exponentially.
The two primary side-by-side imagesin this Third Eye Activation Template should be viewed simultaneously, first with your phsical eyes; then with your eyes closed, through your Third Eye.
Practice the visual-imaging technique with tis picture as much as possible in order to bring more clarity to your extra-dimensional vision.


請洽:04-2358-2069 普曼

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